• Solutions that have no borders
    Stoneflux in the world.
    Experts in the industry.
  • Coast to coast and end to end
    Stoneflux in México.
    We support your projects with high value solutions.
  • Health and safety are the most important
    We offer protection products to keep your workers safe.
    Industrial and Occupational Protection and Safety Equipment.
  • Quality and high performance distinguish us
    We handle world-class technology for drilling and finishing wells.
    The shutter and emulsifying products are our main value offering.
  • Manufacture, Import and Distribution
    Our raw materials meet specific needs in multiple industries.
    We have the ability to deliver products with the specifications our customers need.

About Stoneflux

Stoneflux Energy is a 100% Mexican company offering engineering products for a broad range of industry sectors. Our offering is focused on the supply chain of raw materials and consumables used as inputs, engineering services and industrial equipment rental.

Our company strength is based on a combination of engineering experts and strategic global business alliances.

Our experience and deep knowledge of the market allows us to help our clients to face new challenges adapting new technological changes.

Latest News

We started DeepWater jobs
16 Nov

We started DeepWater jobs

Thanks to the effort and dedication of our team, operations began in deep waters. ...
Coverage for South America will begin in August
20 Jul

Coverage for South America will begin in August

As a result of our strategic alliances and our expansion plans, coverage will begin to exp...
We became the main supplier of fluid supplies
5 Jul

We became the main supplier of fluid supplies

As of the second quarter of 2017, Stoneflux Energy has become the main supplier of raw materials and...